Why you should love pinterst

What is not to Love? I mean it is the mecca of DIY, recipe, financial, professional advice, adventure, travel, bucket list dream land for anyone who is looking for anything. And I mean anything you could possibly want to know more about, or how to do…you are going to find it on Pinterest.

Wait, Wait! Did you know that Pinterest is the 3rd fastest growing visual search engine? This is serious! Users LOVE Pinterest, its main purpose is to touch move and inspire its users to get out there and do, something, buy something, learn more about something, or sign up for something. And quite possibly that “something” is your business service or product.

This is no joke! Big companies such as:

  • Chobani
  • Wholefoods
  • Starbucks
  • Adobe
  • Amazon

see the large social media value Pinterest brings to the table. Good news, Pinterest still has room for you to make your presence. Even better news, Pinterest is less stressful to use than it’s competitors, plus while Pinterest is gaining momentum, its competitors have been slipping in the ROI department. On the flip side of ROI, did you know that Pinterest users are more likley to buy or use your service if they saw it on Pinterest first?

Are you excited to know more about this and how Pinterest can help boost your business? I would love to answer you questions. Contact me at jena@ghostmediamarketing.com.

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