Social Media Scheduling

Let’s face it, managing social media accounts can be a pain, especially if you have a life. When life gets going, it is easy to let your content on Pinterest slide. But while this may feel right and good at the moment, we then see the direct effect when the numbers for your reach start to shrink! Or worse, your plan for brand recognition starts to take a back seat when life starts getting in the way! With all the content curation and creation, plus all the other accounts you need to keep up to date and fresh, I admit, I myself feel a little overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel.

But never fear Tailwind is here to save the day! Tailwind is like crock-pot cooking for the ultra efficient, successful, and clever social media entrepreneur. Tailwind is literally like a set it and forget it scheduler that will become your best friend on your journey with “Pinterest Domination”. The set-up is ultra straight forward, plus you can connect your website and Instagram to your Tailwind account.

Not only is Tailwind a super simple scheduler for Pinterest, it also has 3 “need to have” tools to help you smash it on Pinterest:

  • Specialized Algorithm to help you pin at optimum times
  • Loop feature to loop your most popular pins
  • Tribes

Would you like help with Tailwind and/or Pinterest? I would love to help you. Email me at to get started down the path to smashing it on Pinterest with Tailwind!

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