Are you ready to leverage the fastest growing visual search engine and see some growth in your business but you don't know where to start? I would love to help you, because helping is what I love to do.

Price: $250



You know what? Pinterest's bff is Tailwind and you should be bff's with Tailwind too. I would love to get you set up! Trust me, to make your "Pinner's Life" easier with this set it and forget it tool.

Price: $250


Additional Services

Maintenance: $150

SEO: *$350

Pin Design Packs:
5 Pack - $25
10 Pack -$50
25 Pack - $125
50 Pack - $250
100 Pack - $500

*All prices are subject to change due to client needs. Every client is unique and you may need more or less. Contact me today for a quote based on the scope of your project.

Pinterst and Tailwind Account Setup1

Pinterest and Tailwind Setup.

Like the moon goes with the stars or the beach goes with sun block, If you have or want a Pinterest account, then you are going want Tailwind. Think of Pinterest as the meat and potatoes and Tailwind is the crock-pot that makes cooking a set-it and forget it task. Getting started is fun and I'll help you jump start your experience.

You can always choose to do one or the other. I understand everyone's needs differ. Let's talk about your specific needs.

A La Carte

I totally get it. You've already started the ground work for Pinterest, Tailwind, Canva, etc. But you are needing just a little help with a couple of things. Well I'm here for you. Take a look at how I can be of service to you.

  • Pin Design
  • Pin Templates
  • SEO

Pin Design

Do you have great content already on your website or your Youtube channel but you need help with creating fresh pins for your Pinterst account. Look no further and let's talk.

Pin Design and image search

Maintenance and Growth 

You have already started the fire of awareness for your business and have made an incredible impression. Now, all you need is that perfect someone to keep the flames going. Let me focus on keeping your momentum going with pins, boards, scheduling, monthly reports, and more depending on your needs.

Next Steps...

So are you ready? Or, do you have more questions? Contact me! I'm excited to talk to you, give me a call at (408) 348-6287 or email me by clicking the button.