Our Approach

My Approach

A friend once said "What's your angle?" And simply put, I love to help my clients reach their goals. I know the number one ingredient to building any kind of relationship is communication. Getting in touch with what you really want requires good listening skills and that is something I pride myself on.  Let's talk, I would love to get to know what YOU really want.

Our Story

My Story

Once upon a time, a longish time ago, I was a young professional swimming thru the start-up boom. Some of the most valuable gems I learned from that was to be flexible, be a YES I CAN DO IT, to be quick, and labels mean nothing when we are all working toward the same goal. Quite simply, I learned to just roll up my sleeves and just get the "thing" done, and done well...whatever that may be.

Now I'm all grown up, with a business I've operated for over 16 years and the heart and mind of a business owner. I know what it takes and the choices a business owner is thinking about. And this brings me to virtual assisting with a focus on Pinterest.

I look forward to you letting me get the "thing" done.

Have Questions?

So are you ready? Or, do you have more questions? Contact me! I'm excited to talk to you, give me a call at (408) 348-6287 or email me by clicking the button.