I’m pretty realistic when I create a new Pinterest account for a client. You know, I only expect it to go “viral” eventually. Like the next day!

While we all want our Pinterest accounts to immediately explode, just keep in mind that steady and strong growth is a more realistic mindset to have. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t increase your reach to an impressive and exciting level with these three little tips. In this case study, I will show you how I grew the reach of one of my client’s Pinterest accounts to 3.7K viewers in less than a month!

Curious yet? Well let me tell you about Sugar Bombz. Sugar Bombz is a home baking genius who makes beautiful homemade desserts all while having fun with his kids in the kitchen. Sugar Bombz, aka Robert, came to me because as a new vlogger, he wanted to have another funnel that would get people to view his YouTube videos. So that’s what I set out to do.

I setup the usual for a new account which included
Pinterest Account
Tailwind Account
Joining group boards
Joining Tailwind Tribes
Creating relevant boards with quality pins
Etc you get the pic right?

The Below screen capture just shows how we started off with low reach and no engagement:

SugarBombz started out with very low reach and zero engagement.


I wanted to make sure his profile and his pins got in front of his audience so my strategy was to focus on quality content, maximize SEO as much as I could, and join group boards and Tailwind Tribes with good content and activity. It’s sounds so simple right? The SEO took some research to make sure I was using strong key words but seeing is believing that is why I have included the screen captures below:

Sugar Bombz Reach Report - Mid Month
SugarBombz mid point reach.
SugarBombz grows to 7.5 in one month

Remember, (1 Create/ curate quality content (2 utilize SEO on pin descriptions, boards, board descriptions, profiles, etc (3 join group boards and Tailwind Tribes. I am confident if I can do this, so you can you!

Would you like to learn how I can help boost your business on Pinterest? Contact me at jena@ghostmediamarketing.com.

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