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Are you ready to leverage the fastest growing visual search engine? Let me show you how.


Let's make every thing easier with Tailwind! Haven't heard of it? let me tell you more about it...Check out our services page.

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Did you know I went to art school? I totally know what I'm doing with these crayons! All kidding aside, your pins need to stand out and have a call to action. In short, let me assist you in making "Pin Worthy" designs.

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Do you already have it all and you just need an extra hand to maintain the momentum you have built? Look no further. Just think of me as Hermione Granger in the back of the class with her hand up..ME, ME, I have the answer. You will love the help I can bring you.

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Since 1993

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Do you want to jump ahead of your competitors? Do you want to start marketing on a growing platform that is used by 200 Million people every month? Did you know, the most popular digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are losing traction with ROI for companies who are advertising on them? Have you ever heard of Pinterest? If so, you know that both men and women use this platform 50/50 and that users are using this platform to create, get inspired, and purchase. Pinterest is a proven platform of user action and I would love to help you get started on this platform. My name is Jena  and I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and I help my clients reach their ultimate goals of increased traffic, conversion, and engagement.

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So are you ready? Or, do you have more questions? Contact me! I'm excited to talk to you, give me a call at (408) 348-6287 or email me by clicking the button.